Some of the More Awesome Gifts Received Christmas Morning

Skullcandy Headphones for the ipod. Love how Big is back in style!

My own Poker Chips! Half the neighbors think Face Cards are of the Devil
and the other half thinks Poker is a great Family Night Game!

Nerf Wars!!!!!

Karate Punching Bag

Marine shirts from the kids' Marine Uncle. They loved them!

His own rifle.

My own 3 C's Necklace. (You know: Calvin, Clayton, Cole)

A Flesh-Eating-Zombie Play Figurine set. Now on display in his office.

And of course, a Gillie suit for Baby!

And we couldn't forget Calvin.
We decorated the grave for the holidays.
It looked really nice.

My neighbor took this picture on Christmas Eve.
I thought it was really beautiful.


quilts and quirks said...

It looks like an awesome time was had by all. I love the night shot of the grave. It looks very warm, even in the snow.

sally said...

Looks like a fun Christmas. I love the poker chips - do you know how to play? I also love the necklace. What a wonderful way to remember all your boys. Like Mom said, Calvin's grave looks warm & cozy on Christmas.

Donna said...

I play poker with a cheat sheet, so I only kind of know how to play. But it's lotsa fun!

denverallens said...

Great pictures! Looks like a great time was had by everybody! Poker chips, i know what we're doing for sisters weekend!

Krissie said...

I love that I now know I didn't corrupt Flat Stanley when he went to girls poker night! I love the shirts on the boys, we almost bought the Flesh Eating Zombie Kit for Cole! How funny! I love the luminaris for Calvin's grave. It looks really nice.

Lonita said...

I love the necklace. And the shot of Baby in his suit is fantastic - made me laugh. You'll be all prepared for your next trip to Vegas with that poker set!