The Green-Eyed Monster

No, I'm talking about Jealousy. And you should all be ashamed of yourself, because you will be indulging in a little bit of jealousy as I show off my pics from Central Florida. While everyone here in the Cold and Snowy West (and almost anywhere else in the US) were enduring the snow, I was cavorting around in the Warmth and Sunshine that only Central Florida and Walt Disney World can bring. We were lucky enough to have a nice three day vacation without children. (Thank you soooo much Grandma and Grandpa!) I won't tell you what I really called it because this blog is family friendly. But it was so wonderful to have time just to ourselves. And we were treated so wonderfully. We got lots of free food and the Hosts rented the Magic Kingdom Thursday night just for us and the other 6,000 people there for the same thing. Imagine all the free food, soda, liquor, and rides you could possibly want for four hours! And it was finished off with our own personal Fireworks show!

Welcome to Disney World! Look at the blue sky!

Me and my Honey at Downtown Disney

It's always Christmas Here

Unfortunately this was the only alligator we saw

Olaf and the Pirates

Helping the Pirate steer the boat

The Lego Dragon

The Jellyfish is attacking Olaf!

Careful! We thought we only had to watch our for alligators!

The view of the resort from across the lake around which the resort was centered

The cute Bungalows

the Mulch, Sweat & Tears Band at Magic Kingdom welcomed us
after we walked the Red Carpet to get into the place

Me with Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross

Can anyone Bail us out?

The Fairy Tale Castle, with a DJ on the front steps

Everyone's favorite Characters

The Pirate Band with some Wenches

Me with some free Ice Cream and Diet Coke, Food of the Gods. I may
have abused the free food but I promise I stayed away from the free booze!

The wonderful Fireworks show, started the same time as the rain storm

And it rained! But don't feel bad for yourselves because we came
home the next day to a snowstorm that we drove home through.


Lonita said...

Fun pictures - and I'm really jealous of the absence of snow and ice. Though I'm now totally curious about what exactly you called the 3-day vacation without kids...:-)

Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

Okay, I am GREEN after seeing those pretty pictures!! Holy Crap it looked like SO much fun!!!!!

sally said...

Looks like a blast. Plus there were two green eyed monsters, Bonnie & I want to go to there.

the HeartTongues said...

ok, so i had NO idea you were headed to my HOMETOWN!!!! that's what i get for being behind on reading your blog... i would've had you snag me some blades of grass or something like that!!! oh, how i MISS it SOOOO!! blue sky, and those typical FL clouds! memories from Disney World trips! (Jeanine and Wade have a similar picture from years ago--the one where you need bailing out.) that's an incredible pic of the castle and fireworks! and it wouldn't be a complete trip if it didn't rain at some point while at the Magic Kingdom! ...i'm glad you had such an amazing time sans kids... i'd also like to punch you in the arm since i'm so freaking jealous!!!! ;-)