Why I Should Bring Olaf Shopping with Me More Often

When I go grocery shopping I make a menu, make a list, go to the store, buy all the things on the list and a few other things we need that I forgot to put on the list, cringe at the checkout lanes lines, check out, and finally Go Home.

When Olaf comes a lot more crap non-nutritional stuff gets put in the cart. I always spend a little more than I wanted to on food. So I don't usually bring the man. I usually leave him home with the kids. Or better yet, I go while the kids are in school. But while I hurry through the store Olaf peruses and finds things I didn't even know existed.

For example:

I would have never in a million years even picked up the Coconut Oil bottle.

But then I would have missed the good laugh we had about "The Beautiful People Know."


sally said...

Clearly you & Olaf are now beautiful people.

Donna said...

Yeah, we didn't buy it. We didn't qualify.

denverallens said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! I don't know that I've ever seen coconut oil!

Petit Elefant said...

The BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE? Who are they? Some mysterious clan of indigenous people no one knows about?