New Christmas Stockings

This year as I was putting out the Christmas stockings I decided I needed to make new ones. I love my stocking and I made one for Olaf and the kids, but I never really liked them. So at the beginning of December I went in search of cool Christmas fabric. Not to be found. Anywhere.

So late at night I got online and searched for some fun fabric. And found it. And ordered it. And waited. And waited. And waited. Only about three days, maybe five if you include the weekend, cuz I had to order it on a Thursday night, just in time for the weekend.

When it came I washed it up and dried it. I love folding freshly laundered fabric. It makes me happy. I know I'm weird. Then I cut it all up and pinned everything. Sister-in-Law Nurse was over laughing at my disorder of pins. I have these pins with pretty, metallic, pastel, round heads and I can't pin the same color right by each other. There's no particular order other than that. She laughed and threatened to send her two-year-old into my linen closet because it's so orderly (one day I'll take a picture and show you). I might have to change the locks. He's a Holy Terror but you can't get mad cuz he's so stinking cute.

Then after I got them cut and pinned they sat at for almost a week. I hate to get the sewing machine out unless I have a good chunk of time to sew, which doesn't always happen.

It finally happened and I got these stocking whipped up in no time at all. And with minimal seam ripping. For some reason it doesn't matter how small the project I always have to rip out at least one seam.

This fabric is my favorite. Candy Colored Christmas by Alexander Henry. So fun and whimsical. The other two with Christmas Trees are Michael Miller Fabrics, another one of my favorite designers. And the Santa Making a Snow Angel is another Alexander Henry stocking. That one's for Tank. I thought they turned out pretty cute with the Red Corduroy Cuff. I thought about velvet but decided in a family of boys corduroy was more appropriate. Hope you had an awesome Christmas! Olaf decided he wanted to keep his stocking that I made him. I told him that was okay, I'd give the dog the stocking meant for him. I guess he likes Tank enough that he was fine with that. At least he didn't want two stockings full of presents!


Lonita said...

Cute fabrics - they turned out great! And I'm impressed that even the inside of the stockings look cute!

sally said...

Thanks for posting the photo. I love them. Like Lonita said I love that the inside is also cute fabric. I was also admiring the cute fabrics you ordered earlier this year.

mommybake said...

Way cute!!

Urban Parks said...

I am continually impressed by your creativity. Like your sisters you carry on the McLean/Merriam/Longcor heritage of creativity and sewing.

denverallens said...

I am NOT continually impressed by your creativity. I know you carry that awesome Grandma McLean, and Mom gene. They turned out so, so cute. I love the wide corduroy cuffs. When I made new ones last year I made wide cuffs too. I love them!

allerkins said...

Those fabrics are super cute!! Very good fabric taste I must say. :)