My Heirloom Stocking

My Grandma was an amazingly crafty woman. She could sew professionally and decorate wedding cakes professionally. I remember coming out for her youngest daughter's wedding. I was a candle-lighter. She had made me a special dress for my role. She had actually made all the dresses, including the bride's dress. They were beautiful. I loved that dress and wore it as often as I could. I also remember her coming to visit and sewing. She'd bring fabric, I assume, lay it out on the kitchen table and just start cutting all of us girls dresses. Then she'd whip them up into dresses. I don't remember her using a pattern and that may be wrong, but it adds to my Grandma's incredibleness.

She also made Christmas stockings for my parents, me and my younger sister. They are so beautiful. I just pulled mine out and hung it by the fireplace. My Mom is crafty enough that she also made the rest of the family matching stockings. I just think my stocking is so beautiful that I had to share it with you all. You can all drool and lust after one yourself.

She somehow thought I was an angel. She even gave the angel blue eyes just like me. See how the blues are different shades? For a few years I was a one-eyed angel until my Mom fixed it. I guess it was a premonition of things to come, a Pirate Angel.

See how cute it is hanging by the fireplace? I know you want one too. Unfortunately she's not taking orders anymore unless you can get to Heaven and back.

Notice the incredible detail on the letters? I have no patience compared to that!

To any of you who have thought I was crafty, now you know where I got it from. And I only got 1/16th of it, maybe less. Now you know why I laugh when someone calls me Crafty, I'm nowhere near where my Grandma was in the craft world. Where I wade in the shallows she dove in and swam with the big fishes.


denverallens said...

I don't think she made my stocking, just yours. But look at the detail work that was put into each and every one of them. WOW! I tried to do the names like that. Guess what, I only got a letter and a half done. It's a lot of work. Love it pirate angel!

mommybake said...

I love the pirate angel too!!

Urban Parks said...

Grandma always had crafts projects all over the house. For a while she made flowers and leaves, and arrangements. She didn't go to the craft store (there weren't any), she actually had molds and made all of her own flowers. leaves, and arrangements. She was amazing! But then, so is your mother.

sally said...

Sometimes when I whip something up quickly (when Bonnie was a baby) I would think of her. Once Jay said he couldn't believe how quickly I finished dolls and such. It made me think of her. I love the pirate angel idea. Ok, sisters. The names aren't that hard and are actually fun with the glitter. By the way Donna I want to see you new stockings.

Lonita said...

Joshua and I now have beautiful stockings, which your mom made to match Tim's stocking from years ago. All the little details are amazing. I didn't know your grandma made the original ones.