A Curse and Double Hex on All the Meth Makers

Damn all the Meth Makers in America. We don't need Meth for the Masses. You're making life difficult for Non-Meth Users and I've had it. Stop. Not because you are making illegal drugs. Not because you are making something horrible for a person to ingest. Not because you are ruining people's lives. But because you are making it hard to buy Cold Medicine that works. I give you the worst Curse available in all the land and add a Double Hex.

Every year when I head to the store to buy this season's round of Cold Medicine the selection becomes slimmer and slimmer. For the past several years my Cold Medicine of choice has been put behind the pharmacy counter, even though I don't need a prescription, yet. I'm sure that's coming soon enough. But for now I have to show my Drivers License and they take down all my pertinent info to make sure I'm not buying enough to make Meth.

Today I went to get Old Fashioned Triaminic Syrup for Baby. He's got a cold and has been coughing for several days. Today he finished off last year's Triaminic and needed more. I went to my favorite store, Walmart. Only because it's close and cheap when it comes to Cold Medicine. I grabbed a couple things and headed for Cold Medicine. They had a couple kinds of Night Time Triaminic, but not the regular daytime kind. I was so mad I just left the cart in the middle of the aisle with my items in it and walked out. That'll teach them!

I'm about ready to take on all the Meth Makers just so I can have Cold Medicine back in the stores.


denverallens said...

Go Donna, Go Donna! You'll get them too! the war of the meth makers! It'll make a great tv movie!

quilts and quirks said...

Did you leave a trail of cash register receipts when you were leaving the store? You can't find the cold medicine and I can't find the cracked heel medicine. we are a pair.

sally said...

I'll help you take out all the Meth creators. When I tried to buy Day medicine and then Nighttime medicine they wouldn't let me. Then once the people behind the counter asked if I was going to make Meth and I looked at them and said, a mother with two little kids and a cold doesn't have time to make meth. They lady behind the counter totally agreed.