Bad Mom Incident #3,427 With No End in Sight

Baby brought a note home from school Wednesday. This means after school. After I've been to the store because my boys HATE to run errands (Hate is an understatement). I run errands on my way home from my Part-Time job before I have to drag boys kicking and screaming. When do the tantrums end?

"We will be making Gingerbread Houses on Friday. Please send some Candy and Frosting (if you made some) and a cardboard for the Gingerbread House."

I groaned. "I've already been to the store. We'll go tomorrow."

Thursday came and I got home from work with a grand project that would take me all night. Baby only reminded me twice that he needed candy. What's a mother to do without someone pestering her constantly? Two reminders is not nearly enough to actually get something done.

As Baby was going to bed he reminded me again. Now it's cold and dark outside. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the store. I told him I'd call Olaf and have him get some candy. Then I walked out of the room with that big project looming and completely forgot about the candy.

In the morning Baby didn't even mention the candy. I forgot too. I was thinking about that project I had finished and how to get it to work without anyone noticing. I sent Baby to school with his friend.

At work a little later I got on Facebook and saw some posts from other Mothers of 3rd graders: "Kitchen looks like it snowed on inside with powdered sugar everywhere from frosting for Gingerbread Houses." Great! I had completely forgotten! At least I knew that there were plenty of Stay-at-Home Moms who would make up for my slack. Thank goodness for them!

When he got home from school he had the cutest Gingerbread House. On a Piece of Cardboard! I hadn't even had the presence of mind to send a Piece of Cardboard. The whole Gingerbread Debacle just kept getting worse. Now I feel like I've got to make this up to his poor teacher that not only has to put up with Baby's antics in class, but now Baby's Mother's Antics of Non-participation. She just got the awesomest present I've even bought for one of my kids' teachers. A scarf and matching gloves. It's cold here sometimes.

The pretzel twigs in the bottom right corner are cannons. There was a fence to keep out invaders, but that has been eaten by baby. Apparently this Gingerbread house was stormed by the enemy at some point and he had to defend himself. Just when you think it's sweet and lovable Baby throws cannons and armies into the picture.


Urban Parks said...

Is there NEVER a dull moment at the Hansen house? Frankly, I think the area to the left of the house with the M&M's looks a little like a toxic dump!

sally said...

I love the canon. I know how it feels to forget stuff when you've got other things on your mind. By the way what was the other thing you were talking about?

denverallens said...

So funny!