The Dance

I recently explained Middle Child's need to be home more than should be normal for any elementary-age boy. I was worried about how that kid was going to turn out when he grew up. Would he ever move out and go to college? Would he ever be able to hang out with kids for hours on end, playing games, making prank phone calls, talking about girls, going to dances...

But he grew up. Well, only up to 12, he's not real old yet, like 15, or 16 and driving, or 18 and at college. He's still home under my wing. But less so than in the past. Nowadays he can play at friend's houses for hours on end. But at one time in the past I was worried.

A couple weeks ago I decided I didn't really have to worry about that child anymore. There was The Dance at school. Middle Child was going. And he wasn't just slinking in and hanging in the back corner. He called a couple friends and invited them over for a Pre-Dance Party at our house. One of his good friends is a twin, and the twin is a girl. He even called and invited her to his Pre-Dance Party, but "as Just Friends." His words exactly.

I had a bunch of 12 and 13 year old boys at my house hanging out. So I got them some pizza and soda. They gobbled up the food. Then just before it was time to go to The Dance one of the boys called his Mom.

"Mom, don't you NEED me to babysit tonight?" pause "Ok, I'll be right home." Well, some kids weren't so excited about The Dance. He beelined it home to probably his first willing babysitting stint.

The rest of the kids piled in the car and we dropped them off at The Dance. We had a good laugh that Middle Child was so excited to go. A couple years ago we could not have foreseen this change in his behavior.

After The Dance he called me to report on the goings on of The Dance.

"I danced with Nine Girls. And a bunch of those dances were slow dances."

"Wow! Did you ask them all?"

"No, I asked seven and two asked me to dance."

"So, who were they? What are their names and do you like them?"

"I danced with J and M and L and S and C and R and W. I don't remember the rest of the girls names."

I guess I better start doing my homework. I'm betting the girls' names that he "Couldn't Remember" were the ones he likes. I gotta go and call his friends, find out who those girls were.


Lonita said...

Wow, slow dances with 9 girls - he's quite the ladies' man already!

MotocrossMom AKA Autumn H. said...

I know you already know this, but since Dallas is exactly 1 year ahead of Middle Child, it's still worth a reminder since it is fresh in my m ind. Just remember to be so so sensitive to his feelings.

Call his friends and do all the investigative work you want, but make sure it is behind the scenes. When he gives you details, make sure to act nonchalant, like it's no big deal. This is the guaranteed way to get more information willingly volunteered. Even if some of the stuff he 'volunteers' makes you cringe and want to jump out of your skin.

I am hoping Dal continues to tell me every detail, no matter how old he gets. Of course, we have had some conversations that I have had to abruptly pause and ask him to continue with his dad instead of me!

denverallens said...

I don't know about you, but he's a cute, touchy feely boy. I would be surprised if he didn't dance. He got to hug girls for an entire song. Pretty sweet deal for Clayton!

mommybake said...

How fun!! Ladies - watch out!!