13 Birthday Parties

Today is Calvin's birthday. He would have turned 15 today. I thought in his remembrance I'd show you some pics from his previous birthdays. Sometimes the photographer didn't take very good pictures, or hardly an at all. (That photographer oughtta be fired!) But there are some good ones in here. Lots of him laughing, showing his love for fun, family, and most of all, life.

Calvin's 1st Birthday
We got a cake and he wasn't sure what to do with it. He finally dug in.

Grandma & Grandpa came down for Calvin's 2nd Birthday

He had some friends over for cake

Calvin had an exciting 3rd Birthday

He was pretty excited he had blown all the candles out

Time to eat yummy cake

Calvin turns 4

He just loves getting presents

He wore this cape constantly, as did his little brother

The 5th Birthday

Blowing hard to get those candles out and get that wish!

Playing games with his friends

Calvin made it to 6

One of the first Pinatas

The kids were all lined up to run for the candy

the 7th Birthday party

The favorite - a Pinata

And since there's so few pics from that party, here he is a few days later with Santa

Calvin turns 8!

Some present he was really excited to get

Another party at Nickelcade

Calvin's 9th Birthday
Somewhere between 8 and 9 he really grew up, no more little boy.

The family party at Los Hermanos

And an awesome picture with lots of cousins and his great-grandparents

And he turns 10!

Friends just as eager to see what he got

Calvin and the party crew

His 11th Birthday

Cake and friends

Calvin and all his Friends with their balls

Hopefully getting a strike

At the Family Party he got a lot of camping stuff since he officially started
camping on a regular basis as a Scout and not as a Tag-a-Long

His 12th Birthday

Shooting the gun from Grandma & Dave

Playing his guitar

The 13th Birthday



More presents

And a wild-eyed Brother

Thanks for sharing the pictures and day with Calvin.
Remember him tonight at dinner and tell your kids another story about him.


Petit Elefant said...

Happy Birthday Calvin, we love you!

denverallens said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! There's always stories flying around about him here! Now shortage yet! Happy happy birthday!

mommybake said...

Happy Birthday Calvin!! We love and miss you buddy!

Donna said...

Thanks for all the love. And what are all you people doing up in the middle of the night?

sally said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! We miss you and all the fun stories your Mom had to share with me on a regular basis. I know you're creating some wonderful memories up in heaven right now and I can't wait till you can share them all with us someday.

Urban Parks said...

Happy Birthday Calvin from your Grandma and Grandpa. We love you. And your aunts are up in the middle of the night because they don't sleep. We love all of the Hansens.

michael said...

happy birthday calvin. We love and miss you.

Kristine said...

Both of our families have been on quite the journey this past year. I have thought of you often. It is wonderful that you have pictures, stories, and wonderful memories to share until your family can be all together again.

Lonita said...

Happy birthday, Calvin - we miss you, and we'll be sure to tell your cousin Joshua stories about you today.

Marti said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful memories of Calvin. He is well loved by many!