This is not a movie review.

The other day Olaf and I were out on a date at Sonic Drive-In. Fancy. We have children and have to fit dates in somehow. As we were sitting there eating our burgers and tater tots I said, "We haven't been to a movie in FOREVER. Let's go to one this weekend."

"All right! What do you want to see?"

I pulled his phone out and looked up movies. I won't discuss why I used his phone and not mine. I hate my phone. It's slow. It's not old, just slow and dumb. I'm not talking about my phone anymore.

"Hey, Hanna is still out. Let's go to that."

"Ask your Sister if it's good. She saw it the other week."

Sister Accountant and I have very similar movie tastes. While the rest of my sisters like girly movies, Sister Accountant and I love good movies. So I texted her for her opinion of the movie, expecting a recommendation. This is what transpired.

Me: So was Hanna good?

SA: I don't think you'd like it. Very bloody & a lot of dead people. It's about vengeance.

Me: I'd just cover my eyes. Some vengeance is ok.

SA: You see the after effects of torture

Me: Oooh

I turned to Olaf and said, "I don't think I want to see it. Sister Accountant doesn't think I'll like it so it must be pretty bad."

Olaf pulled out his phone and started making a phone call.

I tried another movie.

Me: What about Source Code?

I looked at Olaf and said, "Hey! Who are you calling on our super romantic date?!?"

Just as my phone notified me of a new text I heard him talking to the person on the other end. "Thanks. A. Lot. I had her all ready to go see Hanna and you talked her out of it. Thanks. A. Lot. What kind of Sister are you?"

New Text from SA: Ok I thought I was talking to Sister Homemaker. I think you'd like it. Haven't seen Source Code.

Me: Wondered what kind of movies u thought I liked. Twilight?

I waved the phone in front of Olaf and told him "I'll go! It's OK! I can see the movie!"

Even though I knew those other texts were meant for a sweeter, softer, blood-detesting sister, I couldn't help but be super jumpy during the movie. I kept covering my eyes expecting horrific acts of torture and gore. In reality it wasn't worthy of the eye covering. I might have to see it again to really enjoy it.

Now for the movie review: Good Movie. But Hanna's hair was really snarly, like actual knots I wanted to untangle, through most of the movie and it drove me crazy.


Krissie said...

"I barely missed your heart"

Obviously u forgot who I married. Don't get me wrong, I like my girly movies, but we love to go see all types of movies. Hanna was a bit different, but I liked it.

allerkins said...

Awesome story!

Donna said...

Apparently I did Krissie! I didn't even think about that. Good to know next time we're checking out movies.

sally said...

I loved Hannah. It was a great German produced movie even down to the ending where only one person survived. Sorry I told you to cover your eyes. We can go see it again during Sister's Weekend.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Can I help it if I like calm movies that don't make me scream or see lots of blood:)? Life is crazy enough - when I go to the movies or watch one at home - I want a feel good movie or action (not to much blood or bad words.)

Love you - glad you liked the movie:)