Last Weekend

Last weekend we watched Church on TV. It happens twice a year. We always look forward to watching Church on TV, unshowered and still in our pajamas. And I make it a food fest. Although I'm getting old and can't eat as much as I used to or as much as the boys would like. And I always plan to make way too much food and only one or two things get made. This year it was a tribute to the next holiday, Easter, my favorite candy holiday; peeps, chocolate cadbury eggs, robin eggs, peanut butter eggs, and M&M eggs. Seriously, Easter is Candy Trouble for me. And when you can combine some of your favorite things with chocolate, what would be better?

Four boxes of 12 Peeps each equals 48 Peeps!

The boys were excited for this little treat. They both got in on the dipping. Even Olaf dipped some Peeps too.

Of course Middle Child dipped all the purple Peeps and Baby dipped all the green Peeps. Favorite colors are important at this house.

The first part was done.

Then I dipped the second layer. The boys were on the computers at this point.

See how cute?!? They look like they're wearing little suits. All dressed up for church since we didn't have to this weekend.


denverallens said...

Wait just a second, you dipped them twice! That totally changes things! I bought my 6 boxes of peeps when I grocery shopped this week, but seeing them done twice makes me want to make them right now! I love Easter candy, not much better. We've already bought three Sams size bags of Cadbury chocolate eggs. MMMMMMMM!

Urban Parks said...

You are your great grandpa Merriam's daughter. He used to make his candy from scratch and then dip the mints for the holidays. They were to die for. I'm sure he is looking down on you and thinking, "Pretty good idea. Too bad I didn't have Peeps."

Krissie said...

I totally want some double dipped peeps! Those look SO good!

sally said...

Those look so yummy. Very sweet too, how many did you eat?

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

The first did looks like it is white chocolate and th 2nd dip is milk chocolate. I just want to get this right:)

I was thinking - what about peanutbutter chips melted and dip it in the first and then the milk chocolate? Sounds yummy!!

Denise said...

These are so cute, I can't stand it. I'm going to have to try this next year!