I got an email from Baby's teacher. I groaned. We've had a few problems this year with Respect for Teachers and Fighting with Another Boy. It's been a trying year but we're hoping by conquering the problems now Baby will not be a Delinquent by the time he's a Teenager.

Apparently in this incident he had been naughty while in another teacher's class and she had sent him back to his own classroom. His teacher talked to him about what had happened and then against her better judgment had him write a note of apology to the other teacher.

When we came in to talk to her it was all she could do to suppress a giggle when she handed us the note.


Tim said...

Don't teach your child to be honest and respectful. They don't alway mix.

denverallens said...

I agree with Tim. It generally backfires on me too!

Lonita said...

At least you don't have to work on honesty with him, right?

sally said...

I really love that he added not. I wonder if he added that after he left his other teacher's classroom and headed back to the offended teacher.