If You Build It

So, I ignored my blog for a whole month. When I post regularly I always like to look and see where people are who are checking out my blog. I think it's kind of cool when someone from another country looks at it. While I was taking a break I didn't expect anyone to look at it since I wasn't posting. I was wrong, I had an average of nine people a day look at it, that's not a whole lot less that look at it normally! I've never had people from this many countries look at my blog in a week before. I ranked #4,026,169 down from the most popular webpage. I think I'm catching up with Pioneer Woman.


Name = Spencer Hansen said...

Well done, you're certainly outshining me. I've dropped into the 22 millionth range.

Catch the pioneer woman.

denverallens said...

Awesome! Pretty soon you'll be doing book signings!

stacirowley said...

I LOVE your blog. You capture life in the perfect words. I look forward to reading it.