The Beginning of School

Baby started 5th grade this year. Maybe one day he will demand a new name on this blog, but in the mean time he's my Baby and always will be.

The beginning of a new school year is always an adjustment. After a summer of sleeping in and few responsibilities the children always buck the change back to normalcy. Can't really blame them. Sometimes I think it would be nice to live in a never-ending summer state. But life always smacks us back to reality.

After school I talked to Baby and asked him how he liked his first day of 5th grade.

"I hate it! Our teacher is mean! We aren't allowed to talk in class!"

Olaf and I didn't see any problem with that since that has been his main infraction since kindergarten (other than the fighting with that kid in class last year).

Baby was cranky that whole evening. I could have sent him to bed at 6pm and it wouldn't have hurt anyone.

The next day I asked him how school had gone for the day.

"Our teacher told us that we're fifth graders. We're not little kids anymore. She's our teacher and not a babysitter. That's why we can't talk in class." He didn't seem quite as upset as the day before. Things were improving and he wasn't grouchy that evening.

After the third day of class I asked Baby how school had gone that day.

"Our teacher's mom was one of Walt Disney's first 25 employees and Walt Disney considered his employees family and they used to go for free at least six times a year!"

After the fourth day of class I asked Baby how school had gone that day also.

"Our teacher said that everybody has an inner voice that wants to sing. I'm trying to find my inner voice and let it sing. We sang in class today and it was fun!"

It's official. Baby's teacher can do no wrong. He's in love.


Urban Parks said...

He is growing up. It's so wonderful to watch. He has had a lot go on this summer - his Dad is in the Bishopric, he is in 5th grade, and he has a first love. I fell in love with a few of my teachers. I think my favorite was my 6th grade English and social studies teacher. She was awesome.

Lonita said...

I love the "inner voice that wants to sing" - sounds like he's having fun! Glad it's going well!

denverallens said...

I really need to find my inner voice. That loud obnoxious one is getting in the way. I'm so glad he loves school this year. What a relief!

sally said...

I'm still laughing over the inner voice comment. At least he's having fun. Maybe this year will be a good one.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I love how teachers know everything - even if we tell them the same thing!!

That is great that he likes his teacher!!