Experiences in a Tire Shop

Several years ago I got new tires on the truck. I went into the store and got a decent deal. A few months later I went in to get them rotated. While they were rotating the tires they came in to tell me I needed quite a bit of work on the truck, about $600 worth to be exact. Did I want to complete this work right now, while they had it in the shop?

No, I told them, I'd talk to my husband. So they left it at that. As soon as I got home I called Olaf's step dad and asked him to make an appointment with our mechanic to get this work done. We couldn't get the truck in for a few days and I worried the whole time the truck was going to break down because of how urgent the shop had made it sound. Well, when we went to pick the truck up our mechanic told us that NONE of the work was needed. None of it at all!

A few months later I went back into the same shop to get my tires rotated again. Once again they hit me up on the "needed" repairs and added a few more so that the grand total was now $1000. Did I want to complete this work right now?

No, I'll talk to my husband.

Are you sure you don't want to call him right now and check?

That was the last time I stepped foot in that local tire shop.

Several years later I am getting new tires again, but for my car. I thought I had grown up enough that I could complete this task all by myself. Other people buy tires all the time, I should be able to also.

I stopped at a different local tire shop. The sales man checked what kind of tires I needed and proceeded to show me the best tires for my car. At $250 a tire. But he was gracious enough to knock $10 off and the store was running a promo that would take another $25 off each tire. By now I'm down to $215 a tire.

I asked what else they had available. For only $170 I could get an unknown brand tire that was only good for 50,000 miles. I almost ran out of the store.

So I came home and asked Olaf's step dad if he could help. Apparently I'm not old enough to buy tires by myself yet.


sally said...

I feel this way every time I get an oil change. It's just ridiculous. There is always something that needs fixing but seems mysterious.

Urban Parks said...

It's not that you can't trust everyone, but when they work on a commission they want to sell you as much as possible. If they were just honest you would think they would make more money - and they would, but I think they are too dumb to figure that out.

denverallens said...

I always feel that way too. My husband doesn't "do" cars so I'm usually on my own. I go in with exactly what I want and hope that everything goes well. Last time I took the van in they wanted to do a couple grand worth of work. I said "no thank you, please put it back together". I took it home and started looking for a new van. It did have over 150,000 miles on it. It was only a matter of time before it started to nickle and dime us so I got rid of it. I loved that van, but I'm really happy with the new one too. Good luck getting tires!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I hear you sister!!