Celebrity Quiz

One of the ways I know I'm getting older is by looking at the magazine covers while waiting at check stands. Half the time I don't know who's featured on the covers. And half the time they look too young to be famous. And then it turns out they're twenty-something! Definitely getting old!

For example: Who is this guy?

Mario Lopez: Fatherhood Is a Whole New Workout | Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez. Still don't know who he is!

And this blond?
 photo | Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried. I even saw one of her movies and didn't recognize her.

And I don't have a clue as to who this blond is.
 photo | Kesha
Turns out she's Ke$ha, I've heard her songs, just never seen her before.

Do you know who this girl is?
RACHEL BILSON'S BOOTIES photo | Rachel Bilson
Her name is Rachel Bilson. I'm still clueless!

I know who the old people are, but I can't keep track of all these young stars and starlets! Sometimes we'll be flipping channels and I won't know who someone is and the boys will volunteer the name and that they're some Disney star. And I'm amazed. Good thing they're here to keep me straight.


Urban Parks said...

I'm not sure I even know who your "old" people are.

Ali-Andrea said...

Mario Lopez played on Saved By the Bell. He played Slater.

sally said...

Oh you are funny, you're just a little older then me and I think a few of these people were my generation. Mario = Saved By the Bell, and never has done anything of significance after that. Rachel Bilson did the OC. A great teenage flick. The other two, no idea. I agree though that a lot of time I don't know who people are but I have a feeling it has more to do with the fact I don't have an antena for digital tv.