The School of Learning: The Beach

Tuesday we went to the Beach. We had been there Saturday evening after we got into California. When we came Saturday the beach was really long. Tuesday morning as I walked in I wondered why the boys had set up camp so far from the water. And then as I got closer and could see over the wall of sand, the water almost reached them! The tide was high and the water was a good 30-40 feet closer than it had been the night before. The children had a lesson about the tides, and we were worried they would miss school. The children instantly set about playing in the sand.

Middle Child got buried in the sand. He was in heaven! I laid down and at one point the surf lulled me to sleep. I think I found my heaven on earth.

Olaf even got in on the fun. When we get on the beach he fits right in with the kids.

Castles were built, surrounded by moats filled with sea water.

The seagulls tried to get their fill of our food. This one took a wrapped cookie. He wouldn't let go of it. We didn't watch to see if he ate it with the wrapper or not.

I was amazed at the amount of surfers constantly coming in and out of the water. I was surprised at how many spent serious time warming up, but I guess it is a workout. These young guys here looked like they were bringing a younger brother that was just learning how to surf. It was cute to watch them teach him to warm up. They didn't go very far out, keeping the younger one in sight all the time.

It was an awesome day at the beach! Better than any day at work. I know where I'm spending my retirement.


denverallens said...

So. . . I thought you were going to be to busy to blog! It looks like you guys are having a fabulous time! How was trick or treating? Still waiting for pictures on the blog! lol

quilts and quirks said...

What a great at the beach. The surfers have a lesson for all of us: Look out for the under currents. WAIT. You know, You don't see it, it can just be there. And it can take you out to sea. They are good teachers. Stay close to safety, which is the shore for them.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

That is great!! What beach is that?!?

sally said...

Oh I miss the beach, although I don't miss the sun burns. I'm very jealous.

Bruce T Fallon, AIA said...

You said the funniest thing: "Olaf even got in on the fun. When we get on the beach he fits right in with the kids." He fits right in with the kids all of the time! I just had to laugh. Glad you're having fun. The beach is what we miss the most from SoCal.

Lonita said...

So jealous. It looks awesome - bet you are glad to be away from the snow in Utah!