A Picture Story II

Here are a few pictures of Calvin and Boomer to share with you all.

This picture is of Boomer the day we got him. We thought he needed a bath. He wasn't too thrilled.

Here's Boomer looking for treats.

Baby wrapped Boomer up in his blanket.

Poor Boomer, dressed just like a person!

Calvin loved to let Boomer sleep with him.

Calvin built this replica of an Egyptian boat pretty much by himself.

Calvin and Olaf built this snow fort one winter.

Sister in Law Nurse snapped this photo of Calvin in a tree over the local river.

Here we are at Mesa Verde with the DenverAllens.

Even though this doesn't show Calvin's best side I love this picture. The boys were fighting and wouldn't stand any closer for this picture. The last time we were at Yellowstone we got a picture of the two in front of this rock and I wanted another one to show them growing up.

Here is Calvin with his friends and the deer he shot in Fall 2008.

His friends didn't forget him and found ways to keep his memory alive.

And they kept remembering him.

Calvin - We love you and will always remember you!


denverallens said...

Wow, my frosting runneth over. That is so sweet! We all love him and remember him well. Take care of yourself on this hard day. Remember we love you so much. I'll call you.

Lonita said...

I love the pictures of Calvin and Boomer asleep in bed together. (Well, OK, Boomer wasn't really asleep - just using it as an excuse to act like a human.) And the picture of the three boys together at the end is just beautiful - I've always loved that one. Thinking about you guys and remembering Calvin.

sally said...

Ok, I'm crying. We miss Calvin so much and I've kind of been worried about tomorrow. Just know we love you and your wonderful family. Also remember he is an awesome young man and that his love of life and adventure hasn't stopped.

Krissie said...

I'm sitting at my desk reading this on my phone at work, trying hard to hold back the tears. We loved Calvin so much & continue to love him. The family is in my prayers throughout the day. We are flying balloons this evening in honor of him! We love u!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I love you Donna and family! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Urban Parks said...

This is a beautiful tribute Donna. We all love Calvin so much and know this time of the year is difficult for the whole family. We are with you always in our prayers. Calvin is waiting for us patiently, and will be ready when we arrive.

April said...

Donna... Chris
I am thinking of you with tears and prayers for your hearts to mend. I love you all.

quilts and quirks said...

I love all of you guys, Donna, Chris, Clayton and Cole. You're always in our prayers.