Last weekend I got together with some friends. We used to play Bunco back when that was all the craze. But we all got pretty sick of the game. So now we just get together and eat or do crafts or whatever suits our fancy. This month we decorated pumpkins. I saw this swirly, crystal pumpkin and wanted to make it.

I went to the store in search of crystal swirly patterns to transfer to my pumpkin. But alas, they were stinking expensive! So I resorted to buying some other crystals, a starburst pattern, and plain ones.

I didn't know if they would turn out cute or not but went to work that night. And it did turn out cute! I was so happy.

The crystals are purple and clear. I thought they were perfect Halloween colors.

I saw this one and loved it too. I like the sequins. They add enough bling to compliment the other pumpkin.

And my Mom made this  awesome table runner! I love the prints in it and especially the Trick-or-Treaters out getting candy. Something my boys hope to do soon.


Lonita said...

The pumpkins are really cute - cool idea (though I'm guessing your boys will still be carving ghoulish jack-o-lanterns :-).

denverallens said...

Totally cute pumpkins! I'll have to make some next year, I love them!

Krissie said...

Those are way cute! I just saw a few minutes ago how Martha Stewart makes her pumpkins with glitter!

sally said...

Those pumpkins are cute. So are the pumpkins real or fake? I like the sequins as did Bonnie.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Love it!!