The Checker at Target

We all know Target is my favorite store. Love it. Found awesome deals this week. Again. And they carry Pretzel M&M's. Yummy!

I go enough that I recognize a lot of the checkers. Not that they know me from Adam. But I know who they are because I'm stalking them. Well, not really. I'm stalking the store. Weekly. Or more often.

There's the old guy with a long face. He kind of looks like he's just glad to have a job. And who isn't in this economy?

There's the funky-hairstyled Cashier Manager. He is always running around emptying hangars and putting carts away. He's always BUSY.

There's a few younger girls. There's a few Mom's that are probably happy to have a part-time job while their kids are in school.

And there's a youngish girl, tall, slender, longish hair. She looks really nice. And she is,she's the nicest cashier they have in the store. She's so friendly that she remarks every single time I come through her lane about my resemblance to Jamie Lee Curtis. Once I came through twice in a short period of time, like within the same week, and she told me both times!

I've gotten to the point where I avoid her line. I don't want to be the one to tell her that she tells me this all the time. But I don't want to be there the time she tells me about my resemblance and then it hits her she's told me this before because then she'll be embarrassed and I'll be embarrassed for obviously letting her tell me so many times. So, in the meantime I usually avoid her lane.

But the other day I accidentally ended up in her lane. It was okay because it had been months so I wasn't worried. And I was having a down day, maybe she would give me a little boost for my self confidence.

We got through the whole transaction and I was beginning to think she wasn't going to say anything this time. But just as I was packing up my bags she said, "Are you related to a Movie Star?" It took all my effort to not laugh.

"No, why do you ask?" Even though I've been getting the Jamie Lee thing for over 20 years now I keep thinking maybe it will be something different this time. I may not see the resemblance but I hear it a lot. Although I'm not that skinny. And I don't have short spiky hair. And I don't eat Activia. And I haven't been in any horror movies, much less watch them. And I haven't been on Saturday Night Live. And...never mind.

"Well, you kind of look like Jamie Lee Curtis. You sure you're not related?" Hahahaha! I think I'd know by now.

"No, but thanks. I'll take it as a compliment."

"Oh, it is!" And that is how our conversations usually go. Poor people behind me are probably thinking "Shut up and Leave already!" But you know, when you're 40 you've got to take the compliments as they come cuz they're much further apart than 20 years ago. And if someone thinks you look like a Movie Star you just have to run with it!


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Okay, the thing that made me go, Huh was you saying you are 40!!! I aleady know that you look like Jamie:)

Marti said...

You totally had me rolling! I have lived as the pseudo Jamie Leigh for years! It is much more prevalent when she has a movie out - or lots of Activia commercials! I don't like Activia either, or have not been in horror movies...or watch them! You are so my niece! Love you! Oh yeah - the older I get, the more I seem to look like Jamie!
Aunt Marti

Donna said...

Suzanne - I'm 40 and damn proud of it!
Marti - I didn't know you got that too! I think it's the funniest thing. But it seems like a month or two doesn't go by without someone saying it!

sally said...

So I never get the Jamie Leigh thing, maybe it's because I'm too short. I love that Marti gets it all the time too. I must say I'm a little jealous. Although a guy at Albertsons bent over backwards the other day to get me a discount on eggs because they were on sale. I haven't been taken care of like that in forever so I felt kind of tickled.

denverallens said...

I love that you and Aunt Marti get the Jamie thing! I remember about 10 years ago when we got a photo Christmas card from Marti and Craig said "Who's that guy with Donna in the picture" with a VERY puzzled look on his face. So it totally makes sense, you guys are as close to twins as I've seen that aren't twins!

Lonita said...

You know, I never thought the Jamie Lee thing before, but I can totally see it! While we hit Target pretty much every week, we've never experienced any repeat complimentary cashiers...

Annah said...

Poor you.

Well at least you look like someone who's hot.