Alien Mutilation

A couple of months ago Middle Child decided to play with one of his friends. Me, loving to keep track of my kids, said, “Make sure you take your cell phone and leave it on so I can call you.” So he went and grabbed his phone from the designated placeholder and gasped.
The shock and awe I experienced was amazing. What exactly was wrong with his phone? Who could do this to his phone? Had some beast come ravaging through our house while we were all gone during the daylight hours? Did we need to worry about Big Foot? The marks were kind of pointy, like a Vampire, but like most of the other ghouls, they are night creatures.
"What did you do to your phone?" I asked, flabbergasted.
"Nothing! I promise I left it here all day. Last night it looked just fine!" he continued to act shocked, enough so that I believed him. Maybe he didn't have anything to do with the mutilation. Maybe Aliens came during the daytime and mutilated the phone to try and understand our ancient technology. They want to know how their ancestors survived medieval times on their planet.
Then I remembered another phone in this same house. It also had pointy indentions. But that phone was a home, cordless phone and not so delicate. We caught Tank chewing on that phone. I don't know if he was trying to call him mommy or if he was hungry. But it seems as though he got hold of another phone. Case solved. No need to worry about Vampires or Werewolves or Zombies or Big Foot.


sally said...

Here's my question. Did Middle child leave the phone down so Tank could attack it? I think it's kind of funny that he attacks phones.

mommybake said...

That is too funny! Because Tank doesn't bite on too many other things does he?

Donna said...

I will have to write more about Tank and Basset Hounds and what they like. I'm an expert now that I've had two! lol

denverallens said...

Phew! As long as we know aliens do not frequent the Hansen home, we can come for a visit!