First Camp

Girl's Camp was a blast! We had so much fun!

Getting ready for our first hike. I decided we'd make this a Hiking Girl's Camp. What better activity when you're out in nature? This hike to Timpanogos Cave is straight up and back down again, 1.5 miles each way. I'm just barely able to walk up stairs without wincing today.
We are only 1/4 of the way! Aauuuggh!
The hike was gorgeous. The girls were great!
We all made it to the top and got to see Timpanogos Cave. It was worth the hike.
The switchbacks. It was a rather steep trail.
We finally got to our campsite. It was beautiful! I had reserved three campsites. As everyone else was getting out of the cars I hiked up and around the bend to check on the third campsite. On my way back I looked up and saw a huge bull moose right next to the road drinking from the creek! He was staring at me. I've been around moose before, but never that close and never alone. I froze and slowly backed up. I just kept thinking "Please don't charge me! Please don't charge me! Please don't charge me!" I waited at that other campsite all alone for about five minutes until Olaf drove by in the truck and scared him away. Remember the Buddy System, you should learn from my mistake.

We got camp set up and by then we were hungry! Dinner!
We decided to forgo the usual camp skit in lieu of Ribbon Dances. The girls loved the change! Helps that half of the girls are dancers. They were amazing and had put together a great routine in about half an hour!

Roasting marshmallows! Who can make the most perfectly, lightly toasted, gooey marshmallow? You'll have to try next time you go camping.
When my Assistant Camp Leader and I woke the girls for breakfast she said "Morning girls! You have. . ." she paused and I help up two fingers, "ten minutes to get ready." Then she looked at my two fingers and laughed. "We might have to compromise between me and Donna, how about seven minutes." I just laughed at myself and told them all "I'm not used to having girls around!"
Then the girls were up and about cooking breakfast after a night of avoiding bears. We didn't actually see any but some had been seen in the area the week before. It was still early in the year and the animals hadn't been scared away yet.
Stewart Falls. A gorgeous hike that wasn't too hard although I think some people beg to differ! Soon after this the hail and rain started and we were drenched by the time we got to our cars, even those of us with rain gear. One of the girls turned around and asked me "Are we going to go home if it doesn't stop raining?" "No," I replied. And then I thought "What are we going to do if it doesn't stop raining?" Thank goodness it stopped by the time we reached our camp.
Here are the girls playing some games before dinner.
The guy on the right was so helpful. He helped cook dinner, he kept the fire going, and he even gave us some weather lessons.
I had so much fun at camp. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was great! I love the girls that went with us and hope they had just as much fun!


Urban Parks said...

Pretty neat girls camp, but the burning question around the McLean house is "which design" did you ultimately use? We really like the pink on brown sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Lonita said...

Love the 2-minute boy vs. 10-minute girl getting ready timeframe. I'm glad you had a great time and didn't get eaten by a giant moose!

sally said...

Sounds like a great girls camp. I can't believe you hiked to the cave again! So did you go with your stake or was it just your ward? Either way looks like you made this camp way better then the crappy ones I attended as a youth.

mommybake said...

I am glad you had so much fun!!

Donna said...

This was way better than stake camp! We just had our ward and only 8-9 girls. Perfect for my style of being in charge