Shameless, Fattening, Advertising

Saturday we went to the The Sweet Tooth Fairy. My blogging friend (Petit Elefant) told me about this shop. As we were walking up Olaf looks at the sign and says, "Oh, this place. I know the girl that started this shop." Seriously, who doesn't this guy know? But she had told me the shop was doing a benefit for NieNie. Her story is here. She almost died in a plane crash last year. She was in the burn unit forever. She's been through countless surgeries. I'm sure her medical bills dwarf the the famed Babel Tower.

I got the delectable Va-NIE-lla squared cupcake. To Die For. I don't think I've ever tasted anything so perfect. I will be back again.

Apparently NieNie needs to gain some weight. People have been offering her all kinds of sweets.

This Mud Cake was featured on her website. It also looks incredible. Here is the recipe for that one.

Now that I have caused you to gain weight just reading this post I am going to bed. Hope you have dreams of sugar-plums dancing in your head tonight, because I know what I'm dreaming of tonight. Chocolate Cake. Va-NIE-lla cupcake. Anything else decadent and delicious.


sally said...

That's just mean. Please send some of the yummy cake to Idaho.

quilts and quirks said...

After exploring the Dessert Shoppe, I ran for the kitchen (almost) looking for goodies. (Remember I try not to run anywhere). I did make honey cookies yesterday and we had ONE left. I only bake one pan of cookies at a time. That cookie tasted wonderful.