"Guess what we had for lunch!?!" Baby exclaimed when he called me this week at work.

"What?" I casually asked, figuring they had cooked something on the stovetop again this week.

"We ordered 5 Buck Pizza!" I was dead wrong.

"What? How'd you do that?"

"Middle Child called them and ordered it. We had it delivered!" He was so stinking proud of themselves.

"Wow! Really?" I was a little stunned. Middle Child has mentioned several times that Calvin had programmed 5 Buck Pizza into his phone. (During school he and some friends had ordered it before lunch and expected it to arrive during lunch. Then the pizza delivery guy came a few minutes early and his teacher was kind enough to excuse him from class to pay for the pizza. The teacher only charged him one piece of pizza.)


"How did you pay for the pizza?"

"I had money. I used my money." Baby is proud of the money he collects.

"And whose idea was it for you to buy pizza?"

"It was Middle Child's idea." I have previously mentioned Middle Child's ability to get what he wants right here.

"So, how much was the pizza?"

"Five bucks!" Duh. "I paid him five bucks and I tipped him." He was so proud.

"How much did you tip him?" I didn't know he understood the whole tipping process. I thought maybe he gave the poor delivery guy a quarter.

"I tipped him two. . ." and I thought, Wow, he's generous with two quarters, "dollars and thirty cents." He may understand tipping but he still isn't aware of taxes.

"Wow! So you paid for the whole pizza?"

"Yes, but Middle Child said he will pay me back." Famous last words of many people.

Then a light bulb slowly flickered and finally lit up. "If you guys do your chores all week before I get home from work, I will give you seven dollars on Friday so you can order pizza for lunch!" These chores are beginning to get expensive.

"That'd be great Mom! I'll do my chore every day!" I'll be lucky if it lasts three weeks. Nevertheless, I was pretty impressed with their resourcefulness at such a young age. Despite my best intentions I am raising Real Men; they don't want to cook for themselves.


Emily said...

Ha! That's awesome.

Lonita said...

Nice! He's quite a good tipper!

mommybake said...

That is too funny! So does Middle Child's phone still work after the alien attack on it?

quilts and quirks said...

I'll do some chores for some pizza. But, I had some pizza last week at our sister's weekend pizza place, called Sammy's. It was very good. I guess I better get busy and do some chores. That's not fun.

Guy and Donna Johnson said...

I remember a few years back baby knocking on my door and very proudly said" hi i am selling rocks, would you like to buy some?" I asked how much are you selling them for ? baby replied I will give you all 5 of them for a $1.00. I couldn't resist, it was the cutiest thing and he was such a salesman. pretty smart kids you are raising there.