I came home from work one day and they were laying asphalt. I hadn't thought our road was bad enough to need another layer of asphalt. But after my Capital Assets conference class I've learned that roads are rated on thickness of asphalt/cement or age. Our road hasn't had a new coat of asphalt in a long time. I guess it was our turn. I thought, at least it will look nice this year.
In the morning I thought they had just gotten part way done the day before. But when I got home from work that afternoon and no more work had been done I realized this was it.

So. . .What do you get when you cross a Recession with the Government?
A First Rate Patch Job!
And I really have to catch myself because I am a Government Employee now! Usually I stop before my foot stuffs itself down my throat, but this time I couldn't help myself.


Lonita said...

Love it - great pics!

Urban Parks said...

You can't figure out decisions made by street departments. They operate on a principle that most no one else understands. Good luck on getting the rest of the job done this summer.

Ferrara Family said...

I think the patchwork they did is hysterical... I mean couldn't they just fork out the extra money and finish the entire street??? Ridiculous