Almost 12

Middle Child is almost 12. And some days I think he will be lucky if he makes it to 12. He's a little forgetful. And really sweet. (Thank goodness for that last one because currently it's his only saving grace.)

When we went to Lagoon we took his best friend. We got there and I handed Middle Child some money. Then I handed Baby some money. Then I said to BFF, "You have your money your mom gave you, right?"

"Oh, shoot," in that way only an 11-year-old boy can say that phrase. "I left it in my pants."

A few minutes later we were unloading. "Don't forget your bag of towels for when you swim, boys."

This time Middle Child piped up, "Oh, shoot. It's at home on the floor by the door."

"Well, it's a good thing it's hot out. You'll just have to air dry."

We then found a "camping spot" for our cooler and towels (that were remembered) and other crap we brought along. I had a lengthy conversation (for an 11-year-old) about leaving his cell phone at our "camping spot" even if he was just riding water rides, because it will get wet and we don't want to ruin another phone. Then Middle Child and his BFF took off for a day of fun rides.

Throughout the day I noticed his cell phone deposited in the bag at our spot and then gone again, then back again and I was so proud of him for remembering to drop it off.

Then a little later Olaf gave me a call. "Don't bother calling Middle Child."


"He went swimming with his phone."

11-year-old boys.

Then today Olaf brought them to my work. I had some pool punch passes the boys were going to use. "Did you remember to bring all your stuff? Towels, sunscreen, anything else?"

To which Middle Child replied, "Oh, shoot."

One day, I hope, he's going to grow up and remember something besides what is physically on his body.

PS. We let the phone dry out for 1 1/2 weeks and it miraculously now works!


denverallens said...

Did my boy swim with his electronics too? I sure hope not! I guess at some point they have to grow up a little bit, but then I look at our husbands and wonder! They've had almost 40 years and are still forgetting things!

mommybake said...

There are many days you just have to remember that you LOVE THEM - right?!?!

quilts and quirks said...

Thank goodness middle cild is cute and sweet! Today I was on the Hunt for wallet and keys. Not mine. I found them on the patio table outside. Got to love them, at any age.

the HeartTongues said...

my middle child does the same thing quite often, and he's only 8!!! does that mean it'll continue and possibly get worse as he gets older??