The Animal's Rodeo

Last night we ventured out to the Rodeo. As always it didn't disappoint. We had a blast. And the Nephew from Denver who is Middle Child's age is pretty sure we live in the Most Awesomest Town in the world and wants to move here. Too bad his Dad has no work in the vicinity or he wouldn't have a problem getting him to move here because he thinks we have the Most Awesomest Food in the World located right in this little town of Spanish Fork; Barry's, Glades, Little Acorn, Hickory Kist, and Jaxie's. (Actually I don't think he's been to Jaxie's but it's my favorite so I couldn't leave it out, that would be unfair.)

But, I digress. I was going to tell you about The Animal's Rodeo. It was an event I discovered last night while watching the Animals leave the arena. It seemed suspicious that the Animals who were able to buck the rider, not get roped, or otherwise not cooperate to the Cowgirl's (I use the term Cowgirl loosely, it can mean Cowboy also) advantage, seemed to strut out of the arena. I got a little wary of their behavoir. So I decided to follow one of the steers that hadn't been roped and tied.

The Little Steers were all herded into a holding pen, conveniently located right under our seats. I pretended to lose my shoe underneath so I had a premise to be in the area that wouldn't make the Animals distrustful of my presence. I wanted them to be able to speak freely and not feel as though they were being spied upon. And my plan worked!

Turns out that the Animals hold their own competition. While out in the arena the Cowgirls are getting points for roping the steer the fastest, staying on the bucking bronco the longest, and racing around the barrels the quickest, the Animals are working against the Cowgirls. The Animals were earning bragging rights for evading the Cowgirl's ropes. The Broncos and Bulls were quite arrogant if they had bucked the rider before the eight seconds were finished. In fact, the night we were at the rodeo not many riders lasted eight seconds. And not many Cowgirls were able to rope and tie the Little Steers.

As I "dropped" my shoe a second time near the end of the rodeo I heard the Animals discussing the winnings. Turns out that sheep are not so dumb. They are the bookies. Since the rodeo was finishing up they were tallying up who had won amongst the Animals. The Animals bet their supper and treats just like we bet cold hard cash. Know how some Animals turn up lame? What actually happened is the sheep's henchmen came around the night before demanding payment that hadn't been made and roughed the Animal up a little. Now you know to give your Animals a little more food. But on the other hand, have you noticed that some Animals never seem to gain weight, no matter how much food they get every day? They are probably the ones with the gambling problem and don't really get to eat all that food, they've already lost it to their bookies.

The Bull that almost climbed out of his pen and into the arena several times and then bucked his rider almost immediately won for the evening. He got a couple weeks worth of Prime Grade A Alfalfa on top of his regular rations. (I think the field I live next to provides the alfalfa.) He's trying to beef up for next breeding season. He wants a lot of little Bulls running around with his namesake.

The Little Steer that came in first (he was cute, his ears were wriggling when he strutted out of the arena because he was so happy and knew he won for the evening) won a weeks worth of buttered hay. I heard him telling one of his friends that is his favorite treat. I think the big Bull that won had taken him in and taught him a few tricks.

The Animals that are roped, rode, and too fast are humiliated. They leave with their heads hanging and tails hiding between their legs. They hide in the corner till the next night when they can try again to show their superiority over the Cowgirls that ride and rope them. I think some of the Cowgirls know they are humiliated by their behavior because it seems as though they were shielding them from the other Animals, putting them in their own pens instead of with the general population.

It was quite interesting learning about The Animal's Rodeo. Next year I'm going to watch even closer. I'm also going to try to infiltrate and learn if the Animal's have classifications and categories and what their named. I'll let you know as soon as I do. Stay tuned next year!


Tim said...

What did you drink at the rodeo?

denverallens said...

One to many diet cokes eh??? You have me rolling over in my chair laughing. No wonder Mackey was so tired he had to zonk out! I see a childrens book in the making. How cute would that be! Get with one of your artistic Utah friends and get it out on the press! I'm sure it would be a top seller!

denverallens said...

by the way, how am I suppose to compete with a story like that. It'll take me weeks to come up with something good!

mommybake said...

After camping for two nights - I needed a good blog!! You never disapoint:) Danny is coming to see you on Wed!! He is VERY excited!

quilts and quirks said...

I want to come to the rodeo. It sounds like it is better than the ones I saw as a child. Those animals are tricky.

the HeartTongues said...

wow, Donna...i really want to get back to a rodeo now after reading that!! ;-)