How Many Libraries Do You Need?

There is nothing like a good fabric store with luscious fabrics. I love to touch. I love to mix and match, mostly mix. I love to ooh and aah. I love to see.

Today I purchased the following.

The ladies asked "What ya gonna do with this?" To which I replied, "I don't know, I just have to have it before it's gone." Maybe I'll make a bag. You know I can't make a quilt, but a bag is doable.

Then a friend got some of this fabric to make a bag for her and her girls. I love it! It's adorable!

Just so you know, it's three separate bags, not one.

Another thing I LOVE to do is pull the warm, soft fabric from the dryer and fold it. It's so beautiful, so pristine. It's not been cut, I can fold it nicely, and it looks so pretty when it's all stacked. If I had loads of money to spend on everything I would seriously consider a library of folded material, not books. Although that would be hard, I love books almost as much as material. Maybe I'd have two separate libraries. See how beautiful it would be.

But then again, maybe I only need one library. See how the fabric blends beautifully with the books on the shelves.

I know. It's a sickness I have. I just don't know of any fabric detoxing programs readily available in the US. Maybe if someone called Obama he could get a bill for that one rushed right through Congress.


Terry said...

YOU SERIOUSLY NEED HELP!!! Just kidding, you are awesome. You just crack me up. Better always be on good terms or I know another place other than your linen closet to let Luke destroy!
Love ya,

mommybake said...

Love the fabric!! The bag you made me, I use for my primary stuff, and take it to church every Sunday. One of the other ladies in my presidency has already put dubbs on it if I were to ever die!!!!! Yes, she loves it that much!!!

Urban Parks said...

What a great blog Donna. I like the fabric library, but please don't give your mom ideas.

sally said...

I think we are all beginning to get the fabric problem ourselves. I definitely have the book problem too. I just saw that tree fabric the other day and thought it was pretty.

denverallens said...

Sally's right, I had the sickness to begin with and now it's spread to everyone but Krissie. It's only a matter of time. And you're right, it's so pretty it's hard to put away!

quilts and quirks said...

I have done well!! I have passed on the Fabric Bug. We do all love the feel and look of new cute fabric. The perfect companion to books in a library. I do think I have a library of fabric in my closet. Whisper even loves to visit the closet. But. she likes my food storage closet as well. We could go crazy buying a little of each bolt of fabric. How fun. Your stash looks very inviting.