Inherited Diseases

There is a hereditary disease in our family. I should probably qualify that statement. My family has a disease of mismatched words and phrases. We choke and splutter and spit out the wrong words quite often. One Sister is the worst offender. Once I was driving with her and she got all excited and asked if I had seen hijacker on the side of the road. Of course I hadn't! But when she described the hijacker I realized it was really a hitchhiker.

Unfortunately Baby has inherited this disease. He's so stinking cute that something had to bring him down.

He got some new shoes this summer. One day Olaf told him they were heading out. Baby said, "I wanna go! Let me grab my crotches!"

Olaf did a double take and asked what grabbing his crotch had to do with going anywhere. And then Baby grabbed his new crocs. Olaf laughed and told him they were crocs, not crotches.

"What's the difference?" Baby asked. And so Olaf got to explain the difference between crotches and crocs.

This weekend we are at a family reunion in a ski town in Colorado. We decided to rent some condominiums instead of hotels. And the kids love them. Two bedrooms, kitchen, living and dining room. They are nice and roomy.

Baby announced to everyone that we were staying in some condoms. No one has explained the difference in those two terms to him quite yet.


quilts and quirks said...

We had a wonderful time with your family and the other families. It was great visiting the different condos. Good bonding for the cousins.

the HeartTongues said...

oh my gosh, that's hilarious!!!! this post made my day!! =)

i have a problem too; i make up words... ;-)