Man Day

A couple months ago Middle Child and I went to Denver to visit Sister Quilter and a Cousin. We had a really good time and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Baby was a little sad about being left behind. But he decided to make the best of the whole situation. He planned a "Man Day" for him and Olaf. I don't think he'll ever mind getting left behind again after the success of this day!

Baby decided they need to take a hike. He made sure he had some water in order to stay properly hydrated.

He made sure they had their trusty compass so they wouldn't get lost and have to eat their friends. (or each other since they had no friends with them)

Baby decided they needed to hike to the large pipe in the background. I'm not sure where he got this idea, but he decided on Man Day that was what needed to be done.

The pipe was quite a ways above level ground.

They had to climb pretty high.

I don't think they even brought ropes.

But as you can see they finally made it to the top. Olaf said if they had fallen it might have been the end.

Baby brought a flashlight so the pipe could be explored. But I don't think he brought markers so he couldn't announce his presence to the world like so many others.

The day was finished by some shooting of guns.

And finally they hit the local burger joint, I'm not sure which one because we have several awesome local places. (anyone who fancies In-n-Out as a good burger joint has obviously never tasted a Glade's SuperCheese or Barry's Fries or a Little Acorn Grilled Cheese.)

PS. I forgot to mention that he didn't shower while I was away. Another part of Man Day.


mommybake said...

That is very cute! A man day is a must!! I need a dad day - so mom can have NO kids with her!!

Lonita said...

Love it - definitely a very manly expedition!