Mr. Law-Abider: Updated with Pictures

A couple days ago I was at Target. I headed for the checkout lanes and they were all full. That is one of my pet peeves of shopping, checking out if there are long lines. I absolutely hate waiting in long lines, it's one of the reasons I avoid Wal-mart, the lines are always ridiculously long.

But this day there was a pleasant surprise in line waiting for me. The cutest little fat baby was in line in front of me. He was hanging out in those extra big carts created for Mormon parents who need to corral five young kids at the store. He was so darling. He kept smiling at me. He was barefoot. He had beautiful skin. He was so fat! If it was possible I could have just taken him home.

But I couldn't. That is called kidnapping. You can go to jail for that crime. For a very long time. So I did the next best thing, which can probably send me to jail to, if I'd been caught. I took a picture of him! I couldn't resisit.

When I got home I told my boys how I found the cutest fat baby at Target. Then I got my phone out to show them his picture. Baby looks at me a little funny and asks, "You took his picture?"

"Yes, he was so cute!"

"Did you ask his mom?"

"No, she was busy with her other kids."

"Did she notice?"

"No, I just pretended I was playing with my phone and took his picture."

"Is that illegal?"

I'm not sure where Baby gets his facts, but he's a little too smart for me. I was just excited to show them this adorable baby boy. Obviously the adorableness factor was lost on him. But then, I forget, I have boys that just don't appreciate the same things as I do.

PS. I decided against better judgment to post the cutest fat baby picture. I know it's a little fuzzy but I was trying to be discreet in the checkout lane at Target. Let me know if you think he's as cute as I do, cuz I could just squish those chunky thighs of his!
(Why is it baby's have cute chunky thighs and grownups just don't!)


Kym Frankowski said...

So I wanna to see the pic of the cute fat baby!!

mommybake said...

Thank you!! I needed that little laugh!! I just got done taking all 4 kids to the doc for Lexi and her ear hurting - then Target, with a BIG cart to get shoes for the girls all the while Danny crying because he didn't get any shoes - then to get the girls hair cut!! It took 3 LONG, PAINFULL hours!!!

mommybake said...

Oh, he is a cutie!!!

SamBamby said...

He is very cute! :D Don't feel too weird about taking a picture of someones child. Blaire does it all the time.

denverallens said...

that's so funny. I was a little worried when I got the text with his picture too. I too wondered if you had asked his mom. Now all my questions are answered. He is stinkin cute though!

sally said...

You make me laugh. When you talked about those mormon moms who have to keep all there kids together i thought of me. I never ever leave the hose with the kids & BYU clothing. By the way he is super cute.

Lonita said...

He is awfully cute. And it's pretty cool I have a sister-in-law with super-skills in discreet stalking.

MotocrossMom AKA Autumn H. said...

I agree - he is adorable!
I have secretly taken pictures of babies I think are cute (at random places) since high school, so I guess I am one of those scary people, too!

quilts and quirks said...

Did you play peek-a-boo with the little guy?? That is what all grandmas get to do. No questions are asked. When I had little kids at the store, grandmas would say "I wish my son/daughter would give me grandchildren." And all the time I'm wresting with several children. He is a cutie.