Spitters Anonymous

Calvin used to spit. All the time. Not occasionally, but constantly. In retrospect it's quite humorous. But at the time it drove me crazy. I'd find it on the carpet, on the front porch, in the sink. I'd holler his name and make him come clean it up whenever I found it. If there had been a Spitter's Anonymous Group I would have driven him there myself. But there wasn't. This habit lasted for a long time. It lasted all of kindergarten and some of first grade. I hounded him to stop, but we all know how well that works. Finally he slacked off and only spit occasionally.

I'll never see that kid spit again. Some days, still, that's almost more than I can bear. But somehow I manage to get out of bed, shower, go to work, come home, take care of the other two absolutely wonderful children I have, and all of a sudden I made it through another day. I still miss him terribly. He was such a good kid and I just try to remember all the good times we had together, although I can't forget all the falling down the stairs incidences we had. I'll tell you that story tomorrow. I promise you will laugh.


sally said...

Thinking of Calvin must come in waves because I was thinking about him just the other day. I still love the stairs stories because I know I'll have something of that variety in my future. Even though you can't see him right now He can see you. I know he looks in on his family and is very proud of how all of you are dealing.

MotocrossMom AKA Autumn H. said...

I think of Calvin all the time - the funniest or silliest things remind me of him.
I have been going through my different computers and have a couple different pictures of him.
I didn't want to just send them to you without any warning, so if you would like to see them, let me know and I will send them over to you when I get a second.

Anonymous said...

Donna it is natural that you miss Calvin and his antics. But what great memories you have. Even after all the years that Linda and Mark have been gone I wonder and think about them as I remember them. That is part of being a Mom and the loss that you have experienced as well as the rest of the family. But they all share such wonderful memories of him and your loss is their loss. He will never be forgotten.

denverallens said...

Okay, the stairs will make us laugh. But right now I'm just weepy. I don't think he got over the spitting thing in first grade cuz when he came to spend a week with up he spit nonstop. I thought I was going to go insane!!!! But now it makes me smile.

Lonita said...

It's funny the little things become so important and endearing looking back. I'm looking forward to the stairs story - I haven't heard it and a laugh will be good. I love reading more about Calvin's quirks and cute stories - I always remember him with a big, sweet smile on his face.