The Haunting of the Hansen Household

Several years ago my job was Dreaded Daycare. No. that's not the Haunting part of this post. I endured Daycare for a week shy of a decade. I know because I started Daycare the week school started. It started with a cute little boy nine months younger than Middle Child. His big sister had been taking care of him through the summer and his Mom was in a panic because she hadn't found anyone and school was starting! So I quit my lucrative part-time job at Penguin Copies to operate a home-based Daycare so I could be home with my little darlings/devils, whatever the day may bring.

At one point I had a young girl coming over at about 6 am. You read that correctly. I am not a morning person, never have been and never will be. I need at least one day a week to sleep in or I get very cranky. This girl was so early that she would go downstairs, flip the TV on to some cartoons (I always made sure it was on the right channel the night before), and quickly fall back asleep until I got her up around 7:30.

One morning I called for her to come up and finish getting ready for school. She came up and told me the TV wouldn't turn off. I sent First Born down to check, surely all you had to do was hit the power button.

He came up and informed me that even though he had turned the TV off it was still sending out sound. I thought for sure he was wrong, so I went to check it out. Sure enough, the sound wouldn't completely turn off.

I laughed and told all the kids the TV was possessed. They thought it was pretty funny too. In retrospect they laughed because I laughed and they hadn't seen Poltergeist, although I haven't either because I'll have nightmares for months on end. I like my sleep too much to consciously give myself nightmares.

Throughout the day I called several sisters and told them a ghost had taken up residence in my TV. They also thought it was amusing.

When Olaf came home I told him the TV downstairs was possessed. "What?" he asked, thoroughly confused. I explained the situation to him and suggested we call a Priest to do an exorcism. I thought that would be kind of fun to watch, I've never seen one.

He went downstairs and checked the TV out. He came back up and told me we didn't need a Priest. "That's an electrical hazard! The TV has some electrical problems, so I unplugged it. We don't need a fire burning the house down, now do we?"

There will be no Haunted Tours of my house anytime soon.


mommybake said...

Oh husbands can be so smart!!

Meagan said...

You know the boys were already charging people 25 cents to see their possessed tv. I bet they weren't to happy with husband at that point. I wouldn't be surprised if they plugged it in on the sly to make some more money!!!