Awesome Things I Love About Living in a Smallish Town

  1. Seeing someone you know every single time you go to the store, even when dressed in jammies or with messed up hair or on a no-shower day.
  2. A next-door neighbor chasing a 2am would-be car thief (of another neighbor's car).
  3. Kids playing on same soccer/football/baseball team as their neighbors.
  4. Kids being able to walk or ride bikes to almost all their friends houses.
  5. The old man that staffs the crosswalk on E Canyon Road who waves to everyone in town as they drive by.
  6. Your neighbors bringing in your garbage can when you're out of town.
  7. Your kids going to school with your schoolmates friends' kids. And for that matter, your kids having the same teachers as you.
  8. The inability to take an evening walk without seeing and visiting with a minimum of three friends.
  9. Knowing at least a few of the employees at every single store in town.
  10. Mentioning I live next to J. Lee Butler's field and instantly everyone knows where I live.
  11. Kids playing night games in the summer with their friends.
  12. Leaving my windows open and not worrying (not that there is no crime in town, because that would simply be naive to believe that and I have even been the victim of crime in this house.)
  13. Knowing lots of people in the annual City Parade and getting seats by yourself to watch the parade but still seeing nearby lots of friends.
  14. A minimum of three wedding announcements on my fridge in any given month.
  15. The "$1.75 Worms" sign on Canyon Road that's been there longer than I've been in town.
  16. And mostly this awesome car that lives around the corner from me! I just might have to go knock on their door and beg for a ride.


mommybake said...

That is so funny - the car! I do love coming to visit - I love the 'small' town feel. Even though it is getting big!!

Kristine said...

loved your blog article. Amen to smallish towns. I love ours. and now we have a new high school. A fresh start, new school colors, a mascot, and new traditions. Exciting times in Small town USA

Kristine said...

P.S. I 'm stealing your song 652 Say Hey-okay?

SamBamby said...

Awww...I miss that old man! He always made the mornings better.