Good Friends

One thing that I have enjoyed is getting to know some of Calvin's friends. Mainly girls, he didn't bring them around the house. He was probably afraid Olaf would tease him, and he should be afraid. Olaf is like Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in Bad Boys 2 when the daughter is picked up for a date. Olaf claims he laid off the teasing and he did, but from a teenage boys point of view it was nowhere near enough.

But over the last few months I have gotten to meet a few of Calvin's girl friends. I already knew a lot of his guy friends so it has been a lot of fun to meet the girls. I have been really impressed with all of them. They are all very nice and charming. They have all been friends that I like. They are the kind of kids I wanted to see with my child. It really impressed me that he would choose such good friends. It makes a Mother's heart happy.

The couple of times I've gotten to meet with Calvin's friends have been wonderful. If any of them are reading this, you are welcome to come over any time!

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mommybake said...

Chris might have gotten better about teasing - but HELLO! He use to clean his guns when I would get picked up on my dates!!!! Of course I was the girl, and thinking back to some of the outfits I wore - it was probably good!!! I am scared for Ellen to ever bring a boy home!! Lexi I think will bring home LOTS of boys:) And I am not even ready to think about the baby dating:)