Adventures in a Box

Today at work our new chairs arrived. In big glorious boxes! With smaller boxes and pieces that came with The Big Box. I promptly volunteered to take one or two.

Of course I could only fit one Box in my car at a time.

But Baby was so incredibly excited to meet The Box.

He brought the box in the house and promptly pulled everything out. I told him if he didn't use something to throw it in the recycle bin.

He replied, as he got cozy with The Box, "There won't be anything going in the Recycle Bin!"

Stay tuned for Baby's Adventures in a Box.


Urban Parks said...

I do hope that Tim reads this and realizes what he needs to do for the next 8 years plus. Nothing holds a boy's attention and imagination like a box. You can literally do hundreds, if not thousands of things with a box. And one with boxes in the box is even better. I'm even a little bit envious. Have fund Cole

denverallens said...

Cole would have a blast in our livingroom right now! It's FULL of boxes ready to be packed. Sydney is our official taper. She loves that job. I have to make sure she doesn't pack anything I really don't want!

sally said...

Yeah he's 100% boy. People love bringing us big boxes even though there is no room for them. I can't wait to see what he creates, that's the best part about kids.

Lonita said...

Guess you've got a new piece of furniture - can't wait to see part 2 of the adventures!