Cafe Rio Updates

Sometimes I feel like I live in the Middle East. In the Middle East Women are considered a temptation. If a Man attacks a Woman, he is not held responsible, the Woman is because she provided a temptation. Forget Free Will and Self Restraint.

Sometimes here in Utah I feel the same restrictions, not on my person but on society. When a Tattoo Parlor opened its doors on Main Street there was a small public outcry. It didn't last for long, the store not the public outcry. The public outcry won this fight for today. And then there is Dirty Jo's, the local Lingerie Shop. Several years ago I spied an article in the local paper describing a new city ordinance prohibiting Sex Shops in town. Dirty Jo's was grandfathered in and allowed to stay. I bet they were ecstatic about the law, they've got a Legal Monopoly here in town! And the best part is, all the Mormon Moms that frequent the shop.

There's nothing wrong with a Sex Shop or a Tattoo Parlor but we've got the Locals who have never stepped foot outside of Utah that want these things out of sight. They figure if they're out of sight, we're safe! There's nothing farther from the truth. You should have been around for the hullabaloo Hooter's caused when it opened, and it's 40 miles away!

How does this apply to Cafe Rio you ask? When I left the other day, on my second trip to the restaurant (finally!), I noticed that it's Open on Sunday! I'm wondering if it will be run out of town for providing an Inescapable Temptation for the locals.


allerkins said...

I love this post Donna! Oh crazy Utah. I'm glad I don't live there so I can just roll my eyes at things like this, but kudos to you for putting up with it and with a great sense of humor too!!

sally said...

Yeah you may have those terrible temptations but you get cool fabric stores!! But yes I have to admit you've still got a great since of humor. Watch out, Pioneer Day is just around the corner!

denverallens said...

My neighbors are visiting Spanish Fork for Pioneer Day. I might have to jump in the back seat and come! Oh wait, I'll be in Indiana. Boo!