Bragging Rights

As a Mom I get Bragging Rights every now and then. It's a Mom's Privilege. Middle Child has completed the Project part of his Eagle Project. I wrote a week ago about how he was putting together a campaign to heighten people's awareness of Organ Donation and hopefully sign some more people to become Organ Donors.

He has worked so hard on this I was absolutely amazed! I wasn't sure he was anyone's teenage son. He called numerous places to ask permission to set up booths on June 4th. He even had to call a few Corporate Offices to get the Go Ahead. After that he had to call people to staff the booths. He easily spent 10-15 hours on the phone calling people. That plus he hunted down neighbors who he couldn't reach by phone. He was like a Tiger!

We also had to put together some sort of Display. We ended up making these to put at each booth.

That Saturday morning Middle Child and Olaf left the house soon after 6:30am to get the Gold's Gym booth set up since it started at 7am. Thank goodness the other booths didn't open until 10am.

Here's what one of the booths looked like.

We incorporated some of the Zero Fatalities things into the booth in an effort to get a few more people to buckle up also.

Here's one of the Gold's Gym groups.

Here's the Gold's Gym in Provo. These two are coworkers of Olaf's who were more than happy to take the whole 4-hour shift!

Here are a few of his friends at Fresh Markets.

Here's more of Olaf's coworker's at CAL Ranch.

Here's the Family helping at Macey's, not the Department Store but the Grocery store.

They sure are cute!

Here's Middle Child working the booth at CAL Ranch later in the day.

Here are some of Middle Child's friends who also worked a 4-hour shift at Macey's. He's got awesome friends willing to help out all Saturday afternoon!

Here's one of Calvin's friends with his Mom.

And Middle Child is working the Fresh Market booth with Calvin's favorite Scout Leader.

Here's another of Calvin's friend helping out that afternoon after a long day at work.

I was amazed at how gung-ho Middle Child has been about his project. We had to help him write things out but he had absolutely no problem calling people and stores. And once he got there he was aggressive in talking to people and signing them up to be Organ Donors. There aren't enough words in my vocabulary to tell you how proud I am of my son. He's just incredible.


Lonita said...

Awesome work and great idea, Clayton! Looks like a huge effort to put everything together and coordinate all the help - but sounds like a great payoff for all your work!

sally said...

That is just so cool and what a great cause. Teaching people about organ donation, something not really spoken much about at all. I'm very impressed with him calling all the people. It looks like the day was a great success.

Bruce T Fallon, AIA said...

Grateful to be a part of it. You have every right to be proud.

denverallens said...

That's just awesome! Great job Clayton. Mac was just talking to his leaders last night about doing the same sort of thing here. He loved the project so much and thought it honored Calvin in a way that so many other things couldn't. We're so proud of you and glad you did such a great job!

Urban Parks said...

What a great Eagle project and what a lot of hard work he put into the project. I'm sure proud of my grandson. He is awesome!

quilts and quirks said...

Good job for the whole family. Dad and I as grandparents are so very proud of Clayton and family. Yea, Yea.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

That is GREAT!!!