Failed Parental Controls

The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries

Netflix is a pretty cool invention. I pretty much like it. Most of the time.

The other night Baby wanted to watch some old Hardy Boys shows. He had heard they were on when Olaf and I were kids. So we searched for them. And we actually found them!

We hit "Play" and were instantly told that this movie was outside our rating system and forbidden. Maybe Forbidden wasn't the exact word, but that's how I felt. We had sent the Parental Controls to only allow shows rated "R" or less. We didn't want the kids accidentally watching porn while we were at work. Apparently 1970's TV shows are above an "R" rating. Looks pretty risque to me.


Potter Family said...

I hate when they choose some shows as NR...because it makes them above the R rating. I will sometimes change the rating JUST so I can watch a show. I can watch some shows on TV but not on my computer. It's ridiculous.

Krissie said...

That's insane!

sally said...

Sounds a little like Jeni's camp. I love it. Poor kid, here he just wants to watch a cute 70s show, maybe it's rated R due to all the polyester!

denverallens said...

Oh Sally. You are so funny! Maybe it was rated R due to all the polyester! We have that problem to with netflix, but I still LOVE it!