Quinoa is not Zombie Food

I don't know how to pronounce it either. But it's a whole grain thing. And after Middle Child chose the highest fat milk for ice cream at Sub Zero this weekend I decided we needed to discuss and model healthier eating habits.

So tonight for dinner I made a Mediterranean-style dish. It consisted of Quinoa and lots of veggies. It was actually pretty good. I loved it. Olaf loved it. Middle Child tolerated it and picked the cherry tomatoes out and pushed them to the side. Baby's BFF was there and ate the whole dish without complaining although he didn't ask for seconds. I'm thinking he liked it but didn't love it. That or else his Mom had just fed him right before. Baby cried and made puking noises. I kept telling him he could either eat or go to bed at 6 pm. So he kept trying to choke it down. Unsuccessfully.

Olaf had been working in the garden and apparently we all forgot to tell him we were eating. So much for Family Dinner at this house! So by the time he came in Middle Child and Baby's BFF were finishing dinner. They put their dishes away and headed out. Olaf noticed Baby was crying and I was threatening bedtime. He tried to come up with a few ways for Baby to be able to eat the food.

First he suggested he eat it on a Town House Cracker. Kind of defeats the purpose of eating healthy, but whatever. That didn't work either.

Then came the old stand-by. Ketchup. Baby poured some Ketchup on and ate as little as he had to so he could go play some more. It worked!

Apparently I have a Ketchup Child. No matter what we're eating I just need to put the Ketchup bottle on the table so Baby can eat without being poisoned by me.


denverallens said...

Sauces fix almost everything here. I don't even fight it anymore. I do make a few comments and tell them how they're ruining it, but if they eat it, who cares. A favorite at our house is Ranch and Ketchup. Meagan likes to put terriyaki on any meat. I don't understand, but whatever!

Urban Parks said...

I ate a lot of that when I was in Morocco. It is served in "huge" piles and you just lift it out with your fingers and put it in your mouth. I had a little problem doing that, but it sure was good.

sally said...

Sounds a lot like my house.

Lonita said...

You'll have to point me to the recipe, I've been trying to figure out what to do with quinoa. Glad to hear ketchup worked its magic!

quilts and quirks said...

This sounds like a good meal to me and not so good for picky eaters. If ketchup works, it works. Maybe the terriyaki sauce would work also. It all sounds good. Schools don't teach healthy eating, so the kids will eat well.