Coaches and Movies

Today I got a call from First Born. He is 13 and a total teenager with a cell phone and everything. He's been going to a weight lifting group in the morning put on by one of his friend's dad. He's enjoyed it and it will help him with tackle football this fall. But I digress. He calls me and tells me he's going to see the new Batman movie today at noon.

"Who are you going with?" as all mother's ask.

"Mumble, mumble, mumble, high school, mumble, mumble."

"So who are you going with?" I ask again, knowing the whole high school is not going to the movie with him, a lowly 8th grader.

"Mumble, high school coach paying my way, mumble."

"So who else is going?" I ask dubiously as bells and red flags are dancing feverishly in my head

"Mumble, Nate, mumble, high school, mumble"

This time I demand, "Who else is going and speak clearly."

"Nate and some kids from the weight lifting class and some others."

"So what is this about the coach paying your way in?" I still demand.

"He's paying for all the kids in the weight class."

I breathe a sigh of relief, almost. "Now, we've talked about inappropriate touching from other adults, right?"

"MOM! Yes, ooooh!"

"I just had to remind you. You need to be careful."


"All right, you may go to the movie. Have fun!"

I got home just in time to take him to his friend's house for the movie. As he got out of the car I said, "Have fun, and remember, no touching."


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sally said...

tell first born to never let anyone get in his purple zone