It's been a whole week. I've been on vacation! We went to Denver to visit Sister Jeni. She is the closest in age to me and the only sister with kids near my kids' ages. First Born and his only boy cousin within eight years of him went crawdadding at the pond near the house. Middle Boy harassed his girl cousins and they loved the attention. Baby had fun being smack in the middle of the two youngest girls in Sister Jeni's family. He got along great with them and had fun.

I had the most fun of all getting to hang with my sister and talk and giggle and all the other things sisters do when together. Our husbands even got along. That's not hard to do since they're both great guys and are easy to get along with.

On July 4th we had a BBQ with some of Sister Jeni's friends. They were great and fun. I was asking about one of the family's the next day and commenting on how her two kids were beautiful. This confused my sister because both of the families have three kids, but the other family only had two, 2-year-old twin girls, present. Turns out there were three little two-year-old girls running around and since none of them ever sat still I thought there were only two! I was even helping the girls get their brownie bites. They opted to check every brownie before choosing one and if you know how two-year-olds are when outside, dirty, that put a damper on me eating brownies and I wanted some. So I kept handing them brownies and never realized there were three!

The next day we went to Elitch Gardens, used to be Six Flags. The boys had so much fun riding rides and I enjoyed myself since my stomach was on better terms that when I had visited Lagoon last month. Granted it didn't feel great after I ate 3/4 of a funnel cake and proceeded to ride the roller coasters, but it felt better later. My least favorite ride consisted of a hike up 99 steps to the top. Then when the ride was over you had to climb right back down the stairs! Not so easy after going upside down forwards and backwards! Middle Boy wanted to ride it again but I told him up and down once was all I was good for on a hot day. I probably should have ridden it 18 times to work off the Pizza Hut LUNCH that was so delectable at 4 pm.

That night we went to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band concert at the Gardens. It was Country music, not my cup of tea. But the kids liked it for a while and Hubby liked it a lot. More interesting than the concert was the game of hide-n-go-seek played by Baby and his youngest cousin down in the Mosh Pit where Moshing was NOT allowed or one would be ejected IMMEDIATELY from the Park. I think they forgot it was a Country band, not Rage Against The Machine. Baby tried to lose his cousin by running around groups of sitting mosh pit patrons. Then he'd drop to the ground in true Army fashion. As people looked under their feet and then looked around for a parent to scold, he giggled as she looked around in confusion, "Where did my cousin go?"

Sunday I got to visit some model homes. My sister wanted to show me her dream house and in the process I found a dream house! This picture and floor plan do not do it justice. It seemed like a beach house with all the big windows and open areas. Maybe one day. . .

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denverallens said...

We need to do it again, SOON, maybe with the cousins all locked up together and us on the outside! That would be fun!!!