Squirt Guns

Last night we made the trip to Shopko to find some squirt guns. It was not my first choice but we were at Taco Bell in an attempt to get my kids to eat since my cooking never satisfies their palates. I had read this article at Popular Mechanics and wanted to see if any of these guns were to be had in their store. My children have been reminding me they need water guns before the 24th! There is a local parade, not too shabby either, and their Dad will be in it on the 20-year Reunion from High School float. I think they want to soak him. Actually, I know they do! Lucky for us, this gun was on clearance! $5. The bottle that comes with it is rather small, but the gun can be attached to other water bottles, including 2 liters! My boys are in heaven! I give my approval of this gun for any of you with children itching for a water gun. It shoots pretty far and doesn't need a ton of refilling when using the 2 liter, less time in the bathroom or at the hose!

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