Seeing Red

I'm FURIOUS! This morning when my first daycare kid got dropped off the Mom informed me that we had been egged. AGAIN! It looked like two poor eggs were thrown against the front window, another in the corner by the front door, and if that wasn't enough an additional soon-to-be-dead egg was tossed against the trailer in front of our house, not ours of course. So this morning I got to clean the house and trailer. At least the sun hadn't hardened it too much yet and it came off with minimal scraping and lots of high pressure water. I've probably used my allotment of irrigation water for the month of July on the 1st. The last time we were egged it put to rest my suspicions of who the culprits were because those boys were out of town. I now have no suspects.

The clincher came at lunch time today when First Born tried to ride bikes with a friend. I rearranged the garage yesterday so we could park both the Truck and New Old Car inside. Unfortunately the bikes are homeless at the moment and were left on the front lawn. I should know better, but the boys have left their bikes out before without any problem. His back tire was flat. I found the new bike pump. Bike pumps have a shelf life of about half a summer at our house. He tried to pump his bike up to no avail. Then he tried Middle Child's bike. No luck there either. Baby's bike was the only one small enough to fit in the garage last night, thank goodness! I was so angry! What devil is roaming our suburban neighborhood wreaking havoc on quiet houses and beloved bikes? Will no one come to our aid? Where are the knights in shining armor saving damsels in distress?

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the HeartTongues said...

oooooooh!! how ANNOYING! i'd be pissed too! reading this post reminded me when my house i grew up in used to get egged/TPed...usually it was because of Jeanine. :) my dad would get soooo mad. i think it did happen at least once 'cause of me--at least the egging. we had a brick front and i remember how much of a PAIN it was to try to get it off the bricks! sorry for your sucky situation...! hope you can figure out the culprit. ...oh, speaking of "seeing red", do you still see all red when you look at my blog? the problem seems to have corrected itself with my in-laws...