Baby's Frog Play

Baby got to be in a play this year. It was about Aesop's fables. He loved it! I showed him some pictures we took and in a few of them he asked what he was doing. I replied I had no idea. He then told me he was probably wandering around on stage. From the way he stated this I think that was a problem for his teachers! I did notice him wandering on stage and wondered if he was supposed to and now know it had been addressed but with his 7-year-old attention span (shorter than most) he would only randomly remember it and return to his position. Made for great entertainment for his parents as they tried to figure out what he was doing on stage!

Baby is the middle frog.

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the HeartTongues said...

so, now we get to see pictures and hear your real kid names??? :) :) what changed? ......your boys are so cute, 'course they probably don't want to be called that.