O the Joys of Flickr and Computers and Programs! They make them so simple yet I can never make them work quite right! I just bought a Pro membership to flickr so now you can be bombarded by more pictures than you ever wanted to see of my lovely family. Last night it took me hours upon hours to download all the pictures from 2004. I really thought the new uploading tool available to me now would be quicker, but no. It think it's slower because it has so many options for each picture. I don't need options! I just need to get those dang pics up on flickr so I can feel like I accomplished something! It will be nice when I've gotten all the old pics up and can just deal with what I download every few weeks. No mountain of photos there!

And while I wrote this little bit the uploader FAILED to download 127 out of 153 pictures! But they're going up now. I can cross my fingers, throw some salt behind me, knock on wood, and pray like the devil that they'll get loaded this time! And hopefully they'll stay in the sets I put them in to begin with so I don't have to ORGANIZE them later, so much time that I don't have!

I did find this cute photo of Baby in the rain.

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