When this word first started appearing in American language I was at a loss as to what it meant. But heaven forbid that I should ask anyone! Then I joined Netflix. I soon learned that it was a line/list of sorts. I put movies in my queue and they would send them to me when available. But I still didn't know how to pronounce that crazy word with more vowels than consonants. I had the same problem with the word "Voice" in first grade but quickly mastered that one. One day I was visiting with Sister Sally and she mentioned her queue, but she pronounced it "Cue-ee." I was amazed! I finally heard someone pronounce that weird word! But I questioned her pronunciation because I thought it looked like "Kway." I heard her hubby bust a gut laughing in the background (Ididn't think we were that loud!) "It's 'Cue' as in the letter!" I was a little dubious to his pronunciation, I still liked mine better. And while he usually knows what he's talking about I wasn't taking this one for granted. I needed a second opinion. But I wasn't about to ask anyone and not look as smart as I usually pretend to be. But that same week I visited with another friend who was a member of the rival, Blockbuster. He also called in 'Cue' as in the letter Q. I quickly made a mental note that Sister Sally's hubby was right! Later when I told her about my mental note and her hubby's correctness I gave her a good laugh!


sally said...

Oh this story made me laugh hard this morning.

Donna said...

That's what I'm here for, hopefully a belly-hurting laugh!