Baby the Entertainer

A few Sunday's ago Baby had to read a scripture in Primary. Primary is the LDS version of Sunday School for children under 12. And since we have a lay ministry it is essential to get the kids in front of an audience at a young age so they can do it when they're older, even if they don't like too.

Baby loves to read scriptures! He thinks it's so cool for some reason. I've never run across another kid that likes to read scriptures. When we got to church I told Olaf he needed to help Baby find a relatively short scripture to read. Even though his age group doesn't mind being behind a microphone, understanding them is another matter altogether.

Olaf told me later that he tried to help Baby find a shortish scripture. When he showed one to Baby he protested, "It's too short! Find me a different one." So Olaf found him two scriptures that went together. He felt pretty good about their selection.

When it came time we went into Primary to witness the carnage that our children create when in front of a group. Baby got up, found his scripture, and started reading. And after a relatively long verse he paused and I was pretty proud of him. He had pronounced some big words correctly and he was fairly intelligible.

And then he continued on to the next verse. No one was too surprised, these were two well known verses in our Faith. He did great with the second verse and I was still proud of him.

And then he continued on with the next verse. All the adult's heads whipped around to look at me and I just grinned. I mouthed, "He loves to read scriptures." There were a few giggles from some of the older kids and the adults, including me. I thought it was cute.

And then he continued on with the next verse. But, thankfully, this verse continued on to the next page. Did he flip the page to finish it? No, he stopped right in the middle of the verse where it ended on the page. By this time all the children had lost attention and the adults were thinking about other things, like, how long is this kid going to drone on? I didn't even notice that he ended midsentence.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, it was over. And then after Baby closed his scriptures, he leaned into the microphone one more time and blew. (My kids have a propensity for "checking" microphones.) Just for a second, but he did it. Then all the kids burst into giggles, not laughs because that isn't reverent, just giggles, and all the adult's heads whipped around to look at me again as I was openly and quietly laughing. My kids are always good for entertaining the masses at church with something verging on the inappropriate.


quilts and quirks said...

Oh, I wish I was there. He is a mover and shaker, he's going places when he gets older. Cole can do anything, just like all your boys. Hey, he's a winner. And such a cute winner.

Lonita said...

Funny - I love that he just stopped in the middle of the verse, rather than turn a page!

denverallens said...

That's so funny. I tried to help Sydney with a talk and she wouldn't let me. At least she can read now so she knew what she was saying. Then their's testimony meeting. . .

sally said...

I remember being Cole's agr & mom helping me find a scripture. I remember telling her it wasn't long enough. Good to those genes passed on to the next generation.