Time for Summer

Another summer is upon us. Glorious warm and sunny weather. Time to get out of school. Time to let the kids stay up late and sleep in. Time to run your fingers through the soil as you pull noxious weeds. Time for shorts and t-shirts. Time for parades. Time for walks. Time to watch roly polies crawl around in the dirt. Time for dining al fresco. Time for visits to amusement parks. Time to sit outside because you can without freezing. Time for swimming in the pool. Time for barbecues. Time for bike rides. Time for swinging. Time for local carnivals. Time for night games with the neighbors. Time for camping. Time for watermelon. Time for sleeping with the windows open. Time for vacations. Time for lawn mowing. Time for fireworks. Time for visiting as everyone wakes from winter hibernation. Time for the rodeo. Time for strawberries and angel food cake with real whipping cream. Time for hikes. Time for weenie roasts. Time for not wearing coats or even jackets. Time for car rides. Time for visitors. Time for picnics. Time for sleeping with just a sheet. Time for running through the sprinklers. Time for driving with the windows down. Time for boating (if that's your thing). Time for fishing. Time for fresh corn on the cob. Time for the sun to shine and me to relax!


sally said...

You said weenie!!!

I've been sleeping under a sheet for a long time now - guess the rest of the world is finally catching up.

quilts and quirks said...

Doesn't it sound delightful. In Vegas, we are under two sheets. I guess we are two sheets to the wind. A blanket and sheet was too much, but one sheet not enough. Seeing each other is for summer. Love it.