Revenge on the Cat

When Baby got home tonight Olaf told him to go and get some dinner.

"Go get some Cat-Tacos."

"What are those?" Baby asked.

"Tacos made out of cat meat. We have a lot of cats around here and we were out of meat. So we made do."

Baby went and changed and when he came back in the kitchen Olaf asked him, "Did you get some Cat-Tacos yet?"

"What cats are they made out of?"

"Black cat."

"Thank you for getting revenge on him! Did you see what he did to me a little while ago?" Baby was all kinds of excited.

Baby is referring to an incident involving Black Cat that happened about five years ago. He was playing with Black Cat who ended up giving him a little scratch on his arm. He hasn't forgotten the offense and brings it up regularly.

Now Baby is happily eating his Cat-Taco with Tank dancing around him looking for loose shreds of cheese to fall on the floor. (He became a cheese addict when we had to give him some pills and the only way we could get him to take the pill was to squish it into a small hunk of cheese. Now if he hears the fridge open he is right there, hoping he's getting his share of the cheese.)

Whatever you do don't upset Baby, apparently he knows how to hold a grudge and I don't want his revenge visited upon anyone.


denverallens said...

At least it wasn't my black cat!

Lonita said...

Love it! Most kids would be grossed out by the idea of cat tacos, but Baby happily munches away...

mommybake said...

That is so funny!

quilts and quirks said...

I remember saying we were having alligator meat for dinner one time. I was so tired of being asked "What's for Dinner". I think it was meat loaf. Alligator meat sounded so much more exotica.